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An Open Letter To Jason Garrett, Wade Wilson And Tony Romo, Part II

Part II – Hey Wade Wilson:

Wade Wilson, let me first say that I liked you as a QB when you played, particularly your time with the Minnesota Vikings.   So I was happy about it, when you came to the Dallas Cowboys as a QB coach.   After a few years, though, there’s questions I have for you, like : What do you do?
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An Open Letter To Jason Garrett, Wade Wilson And Tony Romo, Part I

I’m not going to make a major leap here and say I speak for all CowboysNation.  Maybe my words will resonate with some but I’m really just speaking here for myself as a full hearted Dallas Cowboys fan to three members of the Cowboys team.

Part I – First, Jason Garrett:

Jason, I believe Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones thinks of you as his Tom Landry – potentially – and why wouldn’t he? You graduated from Princeton and must be crazy smart, you know football, played football at the NFL level and surely come off as very forward thinking, maybe even ahead of your time as a football coach. On top of all that, you were a Dallas Cowboy, back up QB to starter, Troy Aikman, during our most recent Super Bowl run a million years ago. Jerry knows you and followed your career to the Miami Dolphins as a QB and then QB coach when your playing days were over.
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My Prediction for Todays St Louis Rams at Dallas Cowboys Game

When the stars align, I start to get nervous. This weeks game against the seemingly hapless St

Expect a big game from Romo

Louis Rams fits this ‘stars align’ profile.

Their star quarterback is hurt and may not play. Their defense can’t seem to stop anybody. They have a couple injured players on Offense besides the QB.
The Rams were supposed to take the next step this year, instead they are 0 – 5. We should run over these guys with McGee at QB. So why am I nervous?
Anyway, since we lost last week I don’t think we take the Rams for granted. I

the only Ram I'm worried about today

see the final score : Dallas 28, St Louis 17 … But I’m still nervous.

The Dallas Cowboys Need A Win Today

When this season started, I figured the Cowboys would be 2-2 at the bye week. Now, although its likely I guessed right, the urgency has changed. The Cowboys need to go into the bye 3-1 to build some momentum considering how we limped into this season. They also need to send a message to the NFL and the Detroit Lions that the Dallas Cowboys are injured…not dead, and the media doesn’t present you with the Lombardi Trophy, you have to earn it. Go ahead Detroit, cake walk it, you may even beat us today. But we won’t go down without a fight (I hope). The Cowboys have a lot more to prove today than the Lions. I, for one, am not drinking the Lions Kool Aid. I want to see what my Cowboys can do first.


Last Words about Cowboys vs Jets, Moving on to Cowboys vs 49ers

I (like everyone else in Cowboy Nation) would like to move past last weeks loss to the New York Jets. To do that, I just wanted to throw out a few observations and thoughts remaining from Game 1:

First, the remains of New York

The obvious:

I get it. Tony Romo screwed up. I just don’t remember this level of vile being spewed by the media and supposed fans. With the way everyone reacted, I understand why fights break out in the stands and parking lots at NFL games. People, please! It’s not just a game for me either, but…

The not so obvious:

Rob Ryan was pissed and swore at or about something or someone right after time expired. After his defense’s gallant performance it makes sense but I sure would like to know more about what that was all about.

Gerald Sensabaugh was a different player in the pre-season. By different I mean better. He seemed to be around the ball, making plays and hitting hard. In the Jets game, looks like he may have reverted back to his old ways – which means ten yards away from making a play.

While I’m on the Safeties, Barry Church is getting noticed, where as Abe Elam disappeared? Where did he go? I hope he’s OK.

He didn’t get a lot of work in the Jets game, but DeMarco Murray is a disappointment so far.

Plaxico Burress did learn something in prison, cheap-shots. He used one on the Cowboy’s Mike Jenkins.

Tell me again why Dallas didn’t put Nick Folk on IR two years ago? He obviously wasn’t OK after off season surgery. Instead we cut him. He looked good kicking the winning field goal…for the Jets.

That being said, goodbye  New York

On to San Francisco

The San Francisco 49ers have a great running game, but something tells me they are going to try to exploit our depleted Corners  as their first option. If that doesn’t pan out, they can always fallback to Frank Gore

Dallas Cowboy’s Felix Jones played a lot like he did last year against the New York Jets. Just average.  Lets hope the Felix Jones we saw in pre-season shows up in Candlestick Park.

I’m not worried about Tony Romo anymore. I did a lot of research and soul searching this past week and I’ve settled permanently on the belief that the Cowboys have one of the best Quarterbacks in the NFL.

We may not need Dez Bryant this week, so why not rest him. He is clearly hurt and injuries have a tendency to linger for NFL players when they never get to heal fully. I want a healthy Dez Bryant for the season, not a hobbled Dez Bryant for the next few games.

Alex Smith will never be the answer in San Fran. That ship has sailed. Not Alex’s fault, he never got the coaching he needed from the beginning.

I think David Buehler is going to stick Ted Ginn Jr hard at least once in this game.

Miles Austin is going to have a great game.

The final score:  Cowboys 27, 49ers 17